The Crossref Curriculum

Upload JATS XML using the web deposit form

If you generate your own XML files in JATS (NLM) format, you can deposit these using the web deposit form:

  1. Select Data Type = NLM File
  2. Click Browse to locate the NLM XML file you are uploading
  3. Enter your Crossref username and password
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Enter DOI information and URL information
  • If your XML contains <article-id pub-id-type="doi"> you do not need to enter a DOI in the form.
  • If the XML contains <self-uri> and that URI contains the URL you intend to register with your DOI, you do not need to enter a URL
  1. Click Upload NLM Data to submit.

NLM JATS to Crossref conversion

We have a basic JATS-to-Crossref XSLT conversion that can be used to transform NLM JATS-formatted XML into Crossref-friendly XML. You may download the .xsl file for local use. We also support a single article upload using our web deposit form - learn more about the web deposit form.

Please note:

  • The journal title used for Crossref deposits be included in the <journal-title> element
  • The DOI should be included in <article-id> with attribute pub-id-type=‘doi’
  • The DOI URL should be included in <self-uri>
  • The JATS document type definition (DTD) does not have an appropriate place to include the email element used in Crossref deposits - this needs to be added manually.

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