The Crossref Curriculum

NLM JATS to Crossref conversion

We have a basic JATS-to-Crossref XSLT conversion that can be used to transform NLM JATS-formatted XML into Crossref-friendly XML. You may download the .xsl file for local use. We also support a single article upload using our web deposit form - learn more about the web deposit form.

Please note:

  • The journal title used for Crossref deposits be included in the <journal-title> element
  • The DOI should be included in <article-id> with attribute pub-id-type='doi’
  • The DOI URL should be included in <self-uri>
  • The JATS document type definition (DTD) does not have an appropriate place to include the email element used in Crossref deposits - this needs to be added manually.

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