Adding full-text URLs to existing deposits

If you’ve previously registered content without including your full-text URLs for Similarity Check, don’t worry - you can still add them later. Here are the options for adding full-text URLs for Similarity Check for existing deposits:

Use the web deposit form’s supplemental metadata upload using a .csv file option

If you have a large number of DOIs to update, it’s easiest to upload a .csv file of the DOIs and their Similarity Check full-text URLs using the web deposit form’s supplemental metadata upload using a .csv file option.

Use Metadata Manager

If you need to add full-text URLs for just a few items, the easiest way is to use our new Metadata Manager tool. You can find your existing article (even if you didn’t originally register it using Metadata Manager) and just complete the Similarity Check URL field. Then simply save and deposit.

Upload a resource-only deposit

If you deposit Crossref metadata by sending us the XML directly, you may wish to update your existing XML using a resource-only deposit, as in this example XML file. Learn how to upload resource-only deposits to add metadata to an existing record.

A full redeposit (update)

Run a standard metadata deposit by adding the Similarity Check URLs, as in this example. Don’t forget to update your timestamp!

Use our widget to check the percentage of Similarity Check URLs included in your metadata.

Page owner: Kathleen Luschek   |   Last updated 2020-May-19